Perennial Incendia Los Suenos CD RA CGC OFA-AS19393G34F-PI

WTCH ASCA/AKC CH Jan-Mar Tuxedo Junction AKC/ASCA CD RD RTDsc DNA-CP x Sandy Acres Maid In America

Breeder:  Sheila W. Boneham - Perennial Australian Shepherds
Dorothy Montano -
Los Suenos Australian Shepherds

DOB: May 10, 2001

Flare is a moderate red tri bitch.  She has a very stunning red color with vivid copper points.  Flare has
tremendous drive and is a joy to train.

Early in her life, Flare was diagnosed with a condition called bilateral osteochondritis (OCD).  This is a genetic
condition in her shoulders and prohibits Flare from engaging in many of the fun activities that she wants to
enjoy.  Because too much exertion causes her pain and discomfort, Flare enjoys a life of ease as NorAust's queen
of the house.  

At 14+ years old, Flare is still going strong.  She loves walking her 10 acre property, laying in the shade of the
oak tree and doing a few tricks for visitors.  She is still the top dog in the house. She has had two vestibular
attacks recently and has recovered.  Her mind is still as strong as ever.  We enjoy every day we can with her.

  • June 19, 2005 Earns Rally Advanced Title - AKC
  • January 23, 2005 - Earns Rally Novice Title - AKC
  • 2005 - Novice B Obedience Inverness Kennel Club First place!
  • November 15, 2003 - Canine Good Citizen Award
Flare recovers from
a shoulder surgery
by playing chess!  
She also passed
the time reading
books about
herding and some
of her ancestors.  
She has a very
keen mind.
Flare at 9 years of age.  Photo courtesy of Kat
Fahle - Good Dog Sports